Learn to Improve Your Communication In Meetings with our Navigating Perspectives Video Series.

Why do meetings sometimes drive us crazy? What’s really going on? In this FREE video series, Integral Coaching Canada Co-Founder Joanne Hunt will introduce you to the four perspectives that show up in meetings. This series will demonstrate way you can better appreciate, navigate through, and draw upon the different perspectives that are present to improve the communication and productivity of your meetings. The videos will demonstrate how everything we hear and experience gets translated through these unique perspectives. 

Better Understand Yourself In Meetings And In Life - Find out your native perspective, the perspective that determines: how you make sense of things; sort things out; and your highest priorities in life, work, and meetings.

Clarify Your Understanding Of Where Others Are Coming From – Learn to identify the perspectives of others so you can appreciate their motivations and start getting a sense of their priorities and what will most appeal to them.

An Introduction to the Integral Coaching® Method – Get a taste of one aspect of the Integral Coaching® Method. We teach our students six powerful lenses that enable Integral Coaches™ to work skillfully with clients in meaningful ways, including being able to “look as” the client. You will be introduced to the first of those six lenses.

In this Video Series, you'll receive three emails, each spaced three days apart from each other. The first two emails will contain links to videos, descriptions and exercises to help you learn more about your own Native Perspective, as well as the perspectives you interact with at work. The third email ties it all together for you and provides suggested ways of applying what you’ve learned in meetings and conversations.